A lot of changes have occurred in 2017 for the Burris family; changes we did not expect. Not that any of these changes have been negative, but with my “Type A” personality, I don’t handle change well, making things a little tough. But as always, God’s plan prevails and we try our best to adjust according to His will. This time last year, I would have never guessed we would have sold our first home and be living temporarily elsewhere until we build for the first time. In fact, we absolutely loved our first home. We spent so much time, hard work, and lots of love in making it ‘ours’. But the opportunity arose, and here we are!

So, to adjust, I decided to make our current humble abode a little version of our new home. The living room is currently decorated with a little touch of rustic romance, focusing on lots of soft metallics and furry pillows!


If you have been following my Pinterest boards, you know I use lots of neutral with touches of bling and glam. Grey has always been my favorite: all (50) shades! And while Christian Grey isn’t too bad himself, grey walls and decor are way more exciting (at least in my opnion)! Plus, its a perfect color palette for metallics: silver, gold, and even bronze. Mixing geometric table decor and foil canvases adds contrast to the soft, romantic touch of the faux fur pillows and neutral colors. This is necessary for a diversity of the eye- because hey, you got to have a little sass to a goody two-shoes look.




Over time, I have been accumulating decor and incorporating it into our current living situation, giving me some hope and security that these next 8-10 months of building will go quickly. I love to hit up the clearance sections of TJMaxx and HomeGoods for the perfect finds with a pretty price tag. And while I try not to go too overboard with the pre-buying, it will make things much easier (and cheaper!) when decorating our new home.