One of the latest obsessions in fashion is crushed velvet. While it is totally giving me 90’s vibes, I’m totally on board. From swing dresses, flat loafers, and hair accessories, velvet has definitely taken over. And what I’m totally “crushing” on lately is velvet hair bows. This girly-girl is in love with all things with bows; I mean, it doesn’t get any cuter! You can find all different colors and in different sizes from various retailers. Francesca’s has adorable options here and here. If blue is your go-to, Nordstrom has one here. But if you’re anything like me and enjoy DIYs, you can skip spending the $15 plus on these options and craft one up yourself.




  • 1 roll of velvet ribbon (I bought mine from Michael’s, but you can purchase from any craft store. You can get any width, but this one is 7/8″.)
  • Pair of scissors
  • Bobby pin





Cut the ribbon into 2 strands- one 30 inches in length and the other 9 inches. Cut the 30″ strand diagonally and the 9″ strand straight.







Take the 30″ strand and create a loop with 20″ in one direction and 10″ in the other. This will be 1 of the 2 ears of your “bunny ears”, just like tying shoelaces.

Continue to wrap the 20″ section around the first bunny ear and loop through the middle hole creating a bow. Like I said earlier, just like tying a shoe.

When creating the bow, make sure the velvet is facing the same direction. For example. when pulling the 2nd ear through, make sure you twist the ribbon to have the velvet facing the outside.

Do not pull the bow tight. Leave the loop loose for the next steps.





Take the 9″ strand and fold one end to the middle point.

Take the other end and bring towards the middle, overlapping the other end by about 1/3″. This will make the strand now approximately 4″ long.





Take the small section, with the overlapped side facing back, and push through the middle section of the bow. This will create the illusion of 4 “bunny ears”. Pull the larger ears tighter to secure the small section in place.

When sliding the small section into the large bow, there may be a portion of the ribbon that overhangs. Cut that unneeded part to prevent fly-away strands.

Flip the bow over. Take the bobby pin and place into the knot securely.

You have yourself a velvet hair bow. No sew, no glue, no mess. And you saved some $$$, all while looking totally fab.


Sharing is Caring!

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