Happy Valentine’s Day!

Being the introverted-extrovert that I am, sometimes a night-in is the best plans I could make. I thoroughly enjoy lounging in my PJs with popcorn and Halo-Top and Real Housewives playing in the background. And Valentine’s Day is no exception to my casual-needs. With Valentine’s Day falling in the middle of the week, you have the option of celebrating in more ways than one during the weekend before, after, and all the days in-between.

My suggestion: pick a random night to spend time-in with your significant other, hang at home with your gal pals, or snuggle with your fur babies. And indulge on all the best snacks- popcorn, ice cream, WINE, chocolate covered strawberries, or just any chocolate in general! Skinny Pop popcorn is my fave- salty and satisfying, all while keeping your calories in check. Halo Top ice cream is also a great low-cal option. My favorite flavor- CANDY BAR. It tastes just like a snickers bar, and is only 180 calories per serving. As for chocolate covered strawberries- there is no need to over-spend on these decadent treats when you can make them on your own. Just purchase a package of fresh strawberries and Dolci Frutta hard shell meltable chocolate  from any grocery store (Kroger, Walmart, etc.) and you’re ready to rock. For under $7, you simply melt the chocolate in the microwave and dip the strawberries directly from the package the chocolate came in. It is super easy, cheap, and tasty. I always do this as a perfect dessert for all my parties. It is a high-class hospitality trick that doesn’t take too much from your time or pocketbook- and everyone will love it! (P.S. to add the extra pop- bedazzle the freshly-dipped strawberries with festive sprinkles!)


So grab your favorite friends, favorite snacks, and favorite wine to celebrate the week of love.