One of my favorite accessories is my hair. While my styles have changed over the years, I have always had a great relationship with my brunette locks. My natural hair is stick straight, very dark brown, and slightly oily, but I continue to find amazing products that bring out the best color, volume, and shine.

So, I have put together a little behind-the-scenes guide to my favorite hair products. While everyone’s hair is unique to themselves, I hope you find that some of these will work for you as well! Keep in mind, MOST of these products can be purchased from Target, Ulta, or at your local drugstore or grocery stop at a reasonable price!

Color Treatment

It wasn’t until about a year ago that I began color treating my hair. Yes, I was 25 when I lost my hair-color virginity. I love my local salon, Ntouch, in Elizabethtown, KY. I have the BEST stylist, the atmosphere is so tranquil and hip, and they have the BEST tea (of which you shop here)! But what I love most is the Aveda products they use. This brand not only thinks best for your haircare, but also contributes to the betterment of the globe. With an environmental-conscience mission and all-natural products, Aveda always gives my hair the refresh I need. My girl Jessie has been treating me with the BEST balayage highlights. The colors are always rich and give my hair the definition I need. While my hair is naturally darkkkkkk brown with ZERO natural highlights, the balayage treats my locks with an edgy kiss of lightness, giving it that POP that shines. Because I am new to the color-treatment world, I do not know a lot about the details and tips/tricks. However, I highly suggest asking the stylist you have a close relationship with, or if you’re local, calling Ntouch Salon and Spa.



I have to wash my hair daily, as it get greasy rather quickly. And I cannot wash my hair the night before, even though some suggest styling on “dirty” hair; mine must be squeaky clean! And to get that, I use OGX products! I totally swear by their Anti-breakage Keratin Oil shampoo and conditioner, as linked below. I works perfectly with my color, plus it’s in a pink bottle, which is a definite! I rarely suffer from split ends because of this magic recipe, plus it helps my hair grow super fast and healthy! This is by no means a sponsored ad, but if anyone from OGX is reading this, HIT ME UP! 😉



After a good wash and condition, I always treat my hair with a couple products while still damp. First, I spritz with OGX’s Renewing Argan Oil Of Morocco Weightless Healing Dry Oil. This little spritzer is super lightweight and give my hair the shine and shiner it needs when using the aggressive heat of a blowdryer. I then brush my hair to work the oil through all the strands. Next, I use Big & Sexy’s Big Altitude mousse, which I comb through my entire hair, starting from the roots and working my way down to the ends. After I brush my hair to perfect the side-part, I take Big & Sexy’s root pump, and I spray directly on the roots around the crown of my head (P.S. I lift up sections of my hair to get direct access to the roots). I massage the mousse my roots so the volume process is activated. And lastly, I blow dry my hair, while brushing at the same time to maintain soft locks and shine. During the blow-drying process, I will flip my hair upside down and brush in that direction to increase volume. Volume is key, ladies!

P.S. All the products are linked below and are around or under $10!


I live, breath, and eat hairspray each and every day. If I was stranded on a deserted island, and could only have one one item, it would definitely be hairspray. Big & Sexy hair styling products have been my go-to for a very long time and they have AMAZING styling hairspray that isn’t too harsh, but holds perfectly! I use Spray & Play, as it works best for my fine hair. For EXTRA hold, try the Spray and Play HARDER, but I only suggest this for updos or special events.


The bigger the hair, the closer to Jesus– said every southern girl ever! Because my hair is so flat, I always try and make it higher and bigger. And to achieve this, I do not use a Bump-It, but a teasing comb instead. And my obsession with it is forreal. It is a common occurrence for my girlfriends to ask to me tease their hair before going out, but really, the true magic is in the comb. The one I used is linked below, but what makes it special are the coarse bristles. Using the same sectioning process I use for the root pump, I lift the back section of the “crown” and tease downward, then I work my way to the left front section, and lastly to the right front section. (I will be doing a video to show this process on my Instagram, so be on the lookout for that!)


I’m not one of those extra-talented people who can curl with a straightener. In fact, because my hair is so straight naturally, I don’t even own one. But I live for my curling iron. Using an $8 Conair 1″ curling iron, I am able to achieve a multitude of curl variations and can work the wand link its an attached appendage. I curl in sections, starting with the left front, and working my way around to the back and ending in the front right section. To get a beachy wave, start curling 2-3 inches up from the end of each strand. This will leave a little bit hanging outside from the curling iron, but will give more of a wave than a curl.


A lot of info and a lot of detail, but I promise to share some video tutorials on my Instagram. So make sure you subscribe to my blog and Turn on Push Notifications on my Instagram.

Hope you have a great hair day!