Depending on where you are located, the weather is in a weird stage during this time of year. Here in Kentucky, it shifts between 70 degrees and sunny to 30 degrees and snowing. I just can’t keep up with these bipolar temps!! While I’m online shopping for on-trend sandals and cute floral dresses, I’m sadly reminded of the reality of the dreadful forecast. So how do you incorporate spring styles into the cold weather? Well look no further, because I am here to show you how!

I have always had an obsession with coats. I think I inevitably obtained this addiction from my Oma, so I was doomed from the start. Therefore, I thought it was only appropriate to incorporate a winter garment into the transition style of spring. While beauty is pain, there’s no need to suffer the cold temps in a frumpy outfit. Just throw on a bright coat and a floral clutch and you are ready for this transition period. Pink seems to be the only color in my wardrobe, and this coat is no exception. I have tagged some similar pieces below, because this pink is TO-DIE!


Ways to Transition Winter Temps into Spring Styles:

  • Colorful chunky sweater, white jeans, floral scarf, close-toed wedges, tassel earrings

  • Jean jacket layered over with long sleeve striped top, patterned neck scarf, colorful chino pants, flats

  • Colorful suede moto jacket with jeans and booties


So don’t let the weather hold you back from spring stylin’.