When I say shopping is a hobby- I ain’t lying. (Just ask my husband 😉) But I would also consider this hobby a skill. It isn’t easy shopping on a budget. I work hard for my income, so I am not one to waste it all away on a pricey piece just for the “brand”. However, I am willing to use all the shopping secrets I have stored over time that allow me to get all my favorites within my budget. Through my extensive shopping experience, I have found that it requires lots of time, research, and patience to shop within your means, but you don’t have to throw away your hopes of fabulous style and favorite trends just because your pinching pennies. So, in order to spread the wealth, I am sharing with you my best-kept secrets on ways of how to steal the best deals.

How to shop on a budget– The Type A Style Way:

Raid the Clearance Rack

  • The first thing I do when I go into a store is head straight for the clearance rack. If it isn’t on sale, I usually don’t buy it, so sorting through the clearance rack is the best way to abide by that. And while sometimes I can feel the judgmental glares from the sales associates, I am not ashamed of a good sale. And it is all worth it when you can walk about with some killer deals.

No Shame in this Game

  • Never feel embarrassed or ashamed for shopping on a budget. Just like raiding the clearance racks, it is ok to search for the deals without feeling judged. Shopping on a budget is hard enough, so do not put the embarrassment on yourself for having a frugal eye. Yes- I am that girl who will return something and buy it back just to get an updated sale price. And while it may seem annoying to the store employees and extra time out of my day, I am able to walk out with fab items and my pocketbook not burning. Because that is what Return Policies are there for- so take advantage of them!  I am also that girl that is willing to raid the jewelry racks of Walmart. No shame, just great pieces at fabulous prices!

Coupon Queen

  • Before checking out- whether it may be online or in stores, I ALWAYS double check and make sure I cannot scrounge a coupon- through emails, texts, or just a simple Google search. Why not take advantage of a discount if it is available- you just have to sometimes take the extra step and search for one.
  • Coupon Mailbox: I ALWAYS sign up for emails and newsletters for every store I visit. While it may seem annoying and holds up the checkout line, it is a way to get extra deals, perks, and rewards. And to prevent my email from getting bogged down with junk mail, I have a separate email address JUST for coupons and shopping promotions. This way, you are able to stay up-to-date on all the sales and coupon codes without overflowing your personal mailbox.
  • Coupon Apps/Portals: I online shop on the reg- so in order to make sure I am getting the best deal, I use apps and online portals such as Honey and Ebates. Honey gives you the capabilites of adding an easily-accessible button on your toolbar that runs all possible coupon codes for participating stores. And when a code is available, it will notify you of the best deal! Super easy, convenient, and quick! Through Ebates, you are able to gain cash back by accessing your favorite stores through their site. It is super safe and there are no fees or fine print- just simply using their site as a portal to access your favorite stores. Plus that have updated coupon codes available for usage on the stores you’re shopping through.

Patience is Key!

  • I am ALWAYS out shopping, so I am ALWAYS aware of new arrivals, which stores have sales going on, and how long items have been on clearance. That being said, when I find an item that catches my eye and desperately need, I sometimes have to flick off that little devil on my shoulder and tell myself to wait. Yes, that item may run out of stock, but that is the risk you take to get a good deal and most of the time, will come out with a fabulous deal you never expected to get, just by simply waiting. It is so rewarding!

Dupe Alert

  • Brand-name ish is soooo 1990’s. Buying just for the brand name can get rather pricey. And let’s be honest- who really notices (or cares) that your dress was from X brand that cost $395 or that your “fancy” sweater has a “fancy” brand name and a very “fancy” price tag. If you’re anything like me, I would much rather see that you got that X brand item for 70% at a discount store or on Poshmark from another buyer. OR that you bought an item that looks just like X brand, but is a designer dupe and MUCH cheaper. That being said, i have a fabulous post coming soon about all my favorite designer dupes. So you wanna be on the lookout for that! Because I promise, it IS cool to get an off-brand item without sacrificing style.

Type A Style Updates!

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Shopping is sometimes hard, but it can be just as rewarding. Because nothing is better than getting a fabulous item you’re obsessed with all while saving your pretty pennies!!

| Outfit Details |

Dress: Old Navy | Gingham Button-Up: Target | Purse: Ali’s Bubblegum Boutique (Tory Burch HERE | dupe HERE) | Espadrilles: Target | Monogram Necklace: Baublebar | Tassel Earrings: Target | Watch: Target | Bracelet: Kate Spade / Francesca’s |

I got this entire look under my shopping parameters. As I mentioned earlier, I RARELY buy anything full-priced- and this entire look was purchased on sale. This adorable teal swing dress was from Old Navy during one of their crazy dress sales. They do these kind of sales often, so I always keep an eye out on their ever-changing sale updates. In fact, this dress is only $12 right now- and comes in 2 different colors.

To add a little 90’s inspired flare, I tied a gingham button-up from Target for pop of color contrast. And I snagged it from the clearance rack for 30% off!

Speaking of Target, they have the BEST Marc Fisher espadrilles dupes for only $32 (compared to the designer cost of over $160.) And I love my Tory Burch cross body dupe purchased from one of my favorite local boutiques, Ali’s Bubblegum Boutique here in Elizabethtown, KY. Dupes are a GREAT way to save money without sacrificing the desire to stay on trend. I will be doing a blog post soon on how I shop the best dupes, but in the meantime, indulge on my recent faves.


and as always….

Happy Shopping!