As you know, Christmas is my most favorite time of year. I love the holiday spirit, the parties with friends and family, the yummy food, and of course, the holiday decor. My obsession has led our households to putting up several trees, of which I am not ashamed of. I purchased all my decor from either At Home, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or Target. So, to share with you the best time of year, here is a tour of our new home with our Christmas decor throughout.



Because of my type-A personality, I require everything to match. Therefore, it only makes since to have a neutrally-decorated tree to go with the minimalistic glam I have themed in my upstairs living room and kitchen. The greys and whites match well with a flocked tree from At Home and silver and gold decor. Of course, the presents have to match as well, so metallics, whites, gold, and silvers are the only paper that will be under my tree. Y’all have seen this decor featured in our Christmas card photoshoot found HERE.




If I could describe my office in one word- it would be SASSY. I’d like to say that reflects my personality, but I will leave that up for debate. 😉 In our first home, I used a 3-ft pink tree from college in my office, but for this home, I decided to use a 7.5ft white tree and decorate with HOT pinks, blacks, whites, and a pop of teal.




The basement is our party-zone, and it turned out a lot larger than I had anticpated. We decided to go with an industrial-farmhouse vibe, so I made sure to incorporate similar Christmas decor throughout. I will be sharing an entire basement tour after the Christmas shenanigans are over, but I couldn’t help but share my holiday decor first. I actually used the same stockings and holders from our first home on the mantle for the downstairs, which worked perfectly. And for the tree- black and white gingham, copper metallics, and eucalyptus leaves for accents. What I love about this tree is the “skirt” or what I like to call the “tree collar”. This is actually a galvanized tub found at a hardware store flipped upside down. My handy husband took the 17-gal tub I bought for $21 and cut a hole at the bottom (or top if you’ve already flipped it upside down 😉 ) and we simply put the stand beneath and placed in tree inside. It stand perfectly and matches well with our industrial-farmhouse vibe. These tree collars typically run for over $60, but with a few tools and a DIY-mindset, you have yourself a cheaper option and looks just as great!