Derby season has finally come to an end. It was such a blast sharing all the fabulous looks with fantastic fascinators and hats. (Thanks again to Headcandi, House of K Boutique, and Kroger for the awesome opportunities!) I cannot wait for what next year holds!

Until then, I will reminisce on the memories made at the Garland of Roses Event thanks to Kroger. And I am so excited to share my experience with you! 

When Kroger reached out to me to collaborate on the Garland of Roses event, I had no clue how it would unfold. Being born and raised in Kentucky, I knew of Kroger’s involvement in the Garland of Roses, but I had no clue of the size of this event. Since 1987, Kroger has held the tradition of making the Garland of Roses for the winning horse of The Kentucky Derby. Made with over 400 roses, this creation was open to the public on Derby Eve- and a party it was! This year’s event was at the Kroger in Middletown, a store I visited often while I worked in Louisville. This location is always crowded, but this event made it that much more. People swarmed in from across the state to view this derby-classic. Barricaded in the middle of the grocery aisles, this blanket of roses was crafted while many eyes watched from behind a gated area and lots of media sources filmed behind cameras to capture every moment. With live music being played on a grand piano and the aroma of roses, this overwhelming event felt so elegant and cheerful.

I must say, I was quite nervous when I arrived. I was presented this grand opportunity of sewing on a rose the day of- so I did not have much time to process it prior. And with so much going on within the store, I had no idea what to expect. And all I can say is- God is good, y’all! Is timing is perfect, and this opportunity He gave me proved that once more. I must say, the folks at Kroger were exceptional! In midst of their busiest day, they were extremely pleasant and hospitable and I could not have felt more welcomed.

If you followed my Instastories, you were able to see a close-up experience of this event. While the sewing of my rose only took 2 minutes, I was ecstatic to experience every Kentucky gal’s dream! I was able to hand-select one rose, and with the guidance of sweet Allison, I placed it along with all the other roses and stitch it to the draping. It was such an honor, and I am so glad my husband was there with me to experience it all! Definitely one of our favorite moments as a couple, and I am so blessed to have his immense support. (Big shout-out to JB for the photos- he was JUST as nervous, if not more, to capture these shots. He’s a police officer by day, but bad-ass blogging photographer on the side. 😉 )


Kroger was the perfect site for this event- as they have all-things-Derby. From the mint and bourbon for your homemade Mint Juleps, to pre-made Derby pies, the official glassware of the Kentucky Derby and Oaks, and bouquets of red roses, Kroger has it all for every Derby event!

I highly recommend you make plans to attend this event next year. Being a lifelong Kentuckian, I felt an immense sense of pride in the presence of such an amazing occassion in my Old Kentucky Home.





*This is a sponsored post brought to you by Kroger Co. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*