As 2018 rolls in, I’m beginning to accumulate my thoughts and ideas on the vibe of our new home. The progress on our home has moved very quickly these past few months. (Prayers the weather continues to hold off so the advancement continues!) It is amazing to witness the transformation in such a short amount of time. For a while, we had a hole in the ground- now we have a beautiful home completely framed and roofed. P.S. I’m obsessed with our roof line! The variation of peaks are giving me life! Now, let’s talk decor! As you know from my previous design post, I am going for a modern rustic-romance theme: focusing on lots of soft metallics, furry pillows, and my latest obsession-MARBLE! I am all about that bling, so my plan is to incorporate a different style metallics into each room. For example, the living room is focused on silvers, kitchen is copper, and master suite is gold. Each room will have a touch of silver, that way it ties the entire house together. Below you will find the mood boards I use for inspiration.

Living Room

Because our home is an open-concept, the foyer, kitchen and living room go hand-in-hand. That being said, a consistent theme is needed to be carried throughout, so I am planning on lots of grey, white, and silver. I am so excited about our new tufted grey living room set. Against my husband’s wishes, I will be filling it with plenty of fur and embellished pillows- tagged below. And as mentioned early, lots of marble accents! In our first home, I had a collage gallery wall that was a total hit! However, my new plan is a photo collage on floating shelves (as shown in the pins above and photo below). Over time, I have accumulated lots if various frame sizes, all in the grey-white color scheme. Now, all I need is to fill them with our favorite memories and arrange accordingly. 🙂 Here, you can find several items I have already purchased and a few that are on the wishlist. Not to mention, Target is having a huge home sale, with items up to 30% off, such as these ivory pillow, the fur throw, and the tufted accent chair.


As you can see, my plan is to have soft grey cabinet with a large island, tile backsplash, and a few copper accents. I want my kitchen to look as clean as possible, so lots of grey and white will overtake. I’m having a blast getting together some copper kitchen essentials to accent with a pop of color and bling. My favorite part is the lantern-style nickel light pendants (tagged below). These are currently on the wishlist, but my plan is to hang 2-3 above the island for an elegant touch!

I made the mistake of getting a bright teal Kitchenaid mixer after our wedding. While bright colors are super fun, I suggest getting a neutral color. That way, you are able to incorporate this expensive appliance into all decor changes you make in the future. My experience proves that your style changes more often than anticipated, so the next purchase I will be making is this silver mixer from Master Suite

My idea of the master suite is a transition from our first home, minus the navy I had previously.  I love the look of white sheets and comforters- like you’re constantly on vacation. Gold and silver will accent the white furniture we currently have. I love the look of a foiled accent wall, so that is definitely on the to-do list. What gives me major anxiety is picking out tile and flooring for the bathroom, so TBD. Until then, my plan is to keep with the simple white and silver- with LOTS of marble! Check out my Pinterest to see more ideas and inspiration for other parts of our home, like the edgy guest bedroom and an super cool industrial basement! (I cannot WAIT for what we have in store for the bar!)

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